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Here at First Hand Smoke, your destination for electronic cigarette reviews, we’re a group of devoted vapers. We all use e-cigarettes regularly and want to share all we’ve learned.

We do that with a full rundown of facts and information about e-cigs in our “resources” section, the very latest news about electronic cigarettes and vaping in our “news” section, and our opinions on the best e-cigarettes on the market in our reviews section.

Of course, we’re pro-vaping. But our editor-in-chief also is a trained journalist, so we’ve done the best we can to keep our site as objective as possible. We do our best to make sure our resource articles are balanced and fair; we don’t choose just “positive” stories for our news section; and our e-cigarette reviews are completely honest, representing our panel’s unbiased opinions on each ecig that’s included.

On our front page, you’ll see a chart with our choices for the top five “cartridge type” e-cigarettes, the simplest type of rechargeable systems to begin with. In the chart, you’ll find links to the brands’ individual reviews – and links to exclusive electronic cigarette coupon codes for discounts. (Whether or not a discount is available has no effect on our honest reviews.) Below that you’ll see a link to all of our e-cig reviews, and then our news and resources sections.

Some have wondered why we don’t “trash” any e-cigarettes in our reviews, and the answer is simple. We don’t include the poor or unsatisfactory products that we’ve tried. Our experience is that people are here looking for the best e-cig they can find, so we only publish detailed reviews for the products that we feel are worth considering. If we pick up a new brand and it’s terrible, we don’t waste our time testing it and writing a detailed article – we just throw it away and move on. We don’t want to waste our time, or yours.

We’ve also been asked why we don’t review tank or EGO electronic cigarettes, and again, the answer is simple. We’re about to. Our goal is to serve the majority of vapers; these days, more people are turning to the more powerful alternatives, and more companies are offering them. That’s why we’re in the process of adding a full section devoted to those systems – be looking for it soon.

Please take your time to explore our site, leave your comments, join our mailing list to get the very latest offers and special deals we’re able to secure for our visitors, and let us know what you think!

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top rated e-cig v2 cigs 4.9 $24.95 v2 cigs discount code
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#2 electronic cigarette green smoke review 4.8 $29.99 green smoke coupon code
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#3 ecigarette south beach smoke review 4.6 $21.99 south beach smoke coupon code
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#4 rated ecig premium vapes review 4.5 $34.95 premium vapes coupon code
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#5 ranked electronic cigarette vapor couture review 4.4 $39.95 vapor couture coupon code
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