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Good vapor, good taste, good price. EverSmoke didn’t excel at any of our benchmarks for electronic cigarettes, but did pretty well on all of them – and when it comes to a smooth draw, this e-cig was one of the best we’ve tested.

If you’re looking for a powerful throat hit, you’re reading the wrong review. EverSmoke provides a very mild inhale, which as we mentioned, was very smooth. We expected that would mean thin vapor clouds on the exhale, but we were wrong; the clouds were nearly as big as those produced by stronger products. We weren’t blown away by any of the flavors we tried, but they were all relatively tasty, and good for the price.

Our review was based on the EverSmoke premium starter kit, which includes two batteries (one short, one long), five cartridges and a USB charger/AC adapter combination. When you order, you can choose either manual (the push-to-activate type) or automatic batteries. Other starter kits come in at a lower price for just one battery, or higher prices with extra batteries, a car charger and additional cartridges included. You can purchase mini-batteries (convenient for traveling) and a charging case as options. Batteries held their charge quite well; cartridges lasted right around an average amount of time (equal to about a pack of cigarettes).

Ten different flavors are available to go with the EverSmoke e-cigarette, including three tobaccos, menthol and peppermint, and an assortment of fruit, novelty and savory flavors including coffee, cherry and pina colada. Strengths run from no nicotine up to full flavor (18mg). One interesting difference is that carts come in a package of 15 that looks like a regular cigarette pack, instead of the normal 5-packs sold by other companies. It’s handier for carrying around.

EverSmoke is a sister company to South Beach Smoke, so the electronics are similar – and good. We think that most people in the market for a lower-priced vape would be more than satisfied.


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