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Some people “need” a Mercedes. For others, a Honda will do just fine. That’s not a terrific analogy, but we hope the point comes through: SmokeTip is a less-expensive, well-built electronic cigarette which gets the job done quite well. In fact, one of our staffers likes this e-cig better than the other higher-priced brands she’s tried (and she’s tried quite a few).

Everything necessary to get started quickly is included in the SmokeTip starter kit: two batteries (the short size), a USB charger and a wall adapter, and five cartridges. No bells and whistles, of course, but that’s not what this company is all about. The flavor was good, the vapor clouds on the exhale were good, and the throat hit was noticeable but not overpowering. Technically, the product performed well, and both the cartridges and battery charge lasted a little longer than average. If you want to “step up from a Civic to an Accord,” you can buy longer batteries, as well as car chargers, portable charging kits and an e-cig which attaches directly to your computer for vaping at your desk.

What SmokeTip lacks in pizazz, it makes up for in flavor cartridges (unlike other “budget” brands). There are 21 to choose from, of course including several tobacco and menthol flavors, but with lots of savory and fruit flavored e-liquids as well (coffee and clove, pineapple and cherry, just to name a few); strengths run from no nicotine to full flavor (16mg). Other options include four colors of short batteries, or the longer white ones. The company offers free shipping with all orders, and a free battery with orders of 60 cartridges or more.

Is SmokeTip the best electronic cigarette on the market? Not quite. Is it a great deal for the budget-conscious who still want quality in an e-cig? Absolutely.

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