Halo Triton $64.99

Halo Triton


The Halo Triton is tied for our choice for best tank/vape pen in a quickly-expanding market. As Big Tobacco moves to take over the “standard” e-cigarette market, many of the companies which started out making simple cartridge systems are now focusing on the fast-growing demand for more powerful tank systems and personal vaporizers. That means there’s more choice than ever, but choice doesn’t always equal quality. With the Halo Triton Tank System, it does.

The first thing you notice about the Triton, naturally, is the way it looks. And it looks great. It’s sleek and stylish, unlike some of the “clunkier-looking” pen-style vaporizers on the market. There are eleven battery colors to choose from; we liked the look of the traditional black, but titanium or deep purple may be more your style. The attached tank is clear, which to us is a major advantage over tanks which only let you see the e-liquid level by squinting at a tiny window. The mouthpiece is a bit smaller in diameter than some of the competition, but we liked it; we felt it enabled us to get a better seal when inhaling.

What really makes the Triton stand out, though, is the vaping experience: it’s completely satisfying for most users, yet simple for novices to use right out of the box. That’s because the system doesn’t have – or need – complicated controls to deliver terrific vapor. The system is calibrated to deliver large quantities of satisfying vapor without playing around with voltage adjustments; the only control on the standard Triton is the manual push button to activate the battery when you inhale. The throat hit is strong, but not overpowering.  (If you are an experienced vaper and want more control with an ever stronger hit, though, don’t despair. An optional variable voltage battery lets you select between a range of 3.3 to 4.8 volts with a simple twist of the dial at the end of the battery. Very well designed.)

The Triton starter kit comes standard with two batteries, and you can choose from either the less powerful 400 mAh or the more powerful 650 mAh. We found the 400 mAh battery more than sufficient for a day of moderate vaping, although heavier vapers will prefer the longer-lasting charge of the 650 mAh. (You can also order very reasonably-priced 900 or 1300 mAh batteries as separate accessories if you prefer.) Two clear 2.4 ml tanks (much better than the smaller tanks standard with some systems) also come with the starter kit; the Triton’s mouthpiece easily screws off to allow quick refilling of the tank without having to unscrew the entire atomizer assembly. A USB charger, a wall adapter, a cone to cover the mouthpiece if you’d like, and a solid carrying case complete the kit. The entire system is rock solid in terms of construction, battery life is terrific, and we haven’t had to change coils since we’ve had the kit (and it’s been a while). We like the fact that with the Triton you are able to change the coil without needing to replace the entire tank assembly.

The final major plus to the Halo Triton is Halo e-liquid.  American-made and rigidly quality-controlled, it’s some of the most delicious liquid we’ve tasted (and has won a number of awards from industry publications). The selection is large (including 14 tobacco blends, five menthol blends, and a number of “gourmet” flavors) and comes in nicotine levels from zero to 24mg. You can, of course, can use any manufacturer’s juice in the tank – but we haven’t had a desire to do that.

Options include the larger batteries as mentioned, as well as colored translucent tanks and cones – and our favorite, the Triton to EGO/510 adapter, which allows you to either use other EGO tanks with your Triton battery or vice versa. It’s a must-have if you’re a dedicated vaper with a number of different systems in your collection.

Solid, beautiful, easy-to-use, terrific vapor and delicious taste; there’s not much more that anyone would want in a tank system. It’s why the Halo Triton is tiedas our top-ranked pen-style vaporizer.

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