Vapor Couture $39.95-199.95

Vapor Couture


It’s surprising to us that most electronic cigarette companies haven’t specifically targetted products to women, given the decades-long success of Virginia Slims. Varied battery designs and colors are probably an attempt to do that, but only Vapor Couture is unabashedly aimed at the female market. It’s a nice e-cig and its slim, stylish look was certainly designed solely with women in mind.

Vapor Couture is produced by the same company behind V2 Cigs, and the quality of this product is the same as that of their flagship brand. It’s unquestionably a feminine e-cigarette. The cartridges and batteries are the same thickness as you’d find with a traditional slim cigarette. And there’s no “standard” white or black battery for sale; all of the batteries and carts are in fashion colors and designs, while the LED tip is made of faceted crystal glowing in a selection of colors. The taste is smooth with a mild throat hit, and there was a nice vapor cloud on the exhale. Battery charge and cartridges each lasted a bit longer than average.

There are six flavors available for Vapor Couture: two tobacco choices (one hearty and one rich), two mint flavors (one a mix of mint and menthol), strawberry champagne and passion fruit. They’re all sold in cartridge strengths from no nicotine to full strength, with the same freshness dating as their big brother, V2. Batteries come in four different colors or patterns: brushed platinum, white with an understated VC logo, deep purple and rose gold. The cartridges are also available in the same four colors/patterns, so you can mix or match as you like.

We were able to test the L’Essentiel +1 Kit, which was equipped with two batteries, ten flavor cartridges, a USB charger and wall adapter, and a stainless steel charm necklace that can hold the e-cig (it can also be modified to be used as a bracelet). The kit retails for $99.95. Everything in the kit said “feminine” – the designers clearly know how to appeal to a female vaper interested in style. A more expensive kit is available with a car charger and portable charging case; less expensive kits come with fewer accessories and components. Other upscale accessories such as cases and purses, as well as the necklace in sterling silver, are also available for purchase.

It’s important to note that even though they’re made by the same company, the Vapor Couture line is not compatible with V2 Cigs. You can’t use V2 cartridges on a VC e-cigarette, for example. Then again, if you are looking for a feminine and stylish electronic cigarette, you probably aren’t trying to mix different products. For that vaper, Vapor Couture is an excellent choice that stands completely on its own.

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