Daily Use Of Tank Systems Helps Smokers Quit?

Daily Use Of Tank Systems Helps Smokers Quit?

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Two new studies have been published in the journal Addiction and Nicotine & Tobacco, on the subject of electronic cigarette use by those trying to quit smoking. One of the results falls into the “that should be obvious” category – while the other is quite interesting.

First, the obvious. Researchers found that would-be quitters were much more successful when they used e-cigarettes daily, instead of just occasionally. 14 percent of those who vaped every day were able to reduce their tobacco smoking by at least half, while only six percent of the test subjects who vaped just occasionally were able to drastically lower their tobacco consumption.

OUR OPINION: We don’t know if the same researchers have concluded that running every day will keep you in better shape than running every once in a while, but we wouldn’t be surprised.

Here’s the more interesting finding: smokers who switched to tank-style vaporizers were much more likely to quit cigarettes than those using simpler cartridge-type e-cigs. Nearly one-third of those vaping with a tank model were able to quit tobacco, while only 13 percent of the “cigalike” (traditional ecig) users had given up smoking. Researchers were unable to determine the exact reasons why there’s such a big difference, but they theorize that tanks are able to deliver nicotine to the user more efficiently and provide greater satisfaction for the users.

OUR OPINION: The latter theory would certainly make sense to most dedicated vapers.

The research was conducted at King’s College London. Approximately 1,500 smokers participated in the studies.

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