Lung Group Calls For E-Cig Ban Or Limits

Lung Group Calls For E-Cig Ban Or Limits

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One of the world’s major lung research organizations, the Forum of International Respiratory Societies, has called on world governments to either ban or limit the use of electronic cigarettes until more is known about the products.

The group represents more than 70,000 members. Its call doesn’t reference any specific effects of e-cigarettes. It instead says that the combination of the health effects seen due to smoking, past “deceit” by the tobacco industry involving known health risks and marketing to children, and the prospect of continued nicotine addiction by users argue for a “cautious” approach to e-cigs.

FIRS calls for independent, impartial studies on the effects of vaping, and a go-slow approach until that research is made public. It also says that if countries do allow the use of the devices, they should be regulated either as tobacco or medicinal products.

The statement was authored by a past president of the American Thoracic Society, Dr. Dean Schraufnagel.

OUR OPINION: According to this logic, the fact that Coca-Cola used to contain small amounts of cocaine (and the fact that the company continues to insist – despite all evidence – that the drug was never an ingredient) might argue for a ban on soft drinks.

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